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"Birman Markings Guide"
Nora & Ron Thayer

E-mail address: Birman@bellsouth.net


The markings on a show quality cat must meet a very strict standard. The Feet are the only place on a Birman that has white (white anywhere but the feet is a disqualifying fault in all associations). They must fit approximately within the high / low limits shown below. They must be nearly even on both feet (front feet and back). Birmans that don't meet this standard can be used for breeding or are pets. This is why the Breeders can tell if some of their kittens are pets soon after the color starts to come in (Birman kittens are born white). The markings however are just the start, like every other breed of cat we must meet body / head shape / size / coat and many other parts of the CFA breed standard

high feet
High limits of white on Birman feet for Show


low feet
Low limits of white on Birman feet for Show


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