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The Birman Web Ring 

Author: Ronald Thayer , Taron Birmans

1: First Step To Join Click Here!

Thanks for joining the Birman Web Ring

Here are the steps you need to take to qualify to join the ring:
  1. Fill out Site ring form

  2. Copy the HTML code for the Web Ring.

  3. Paste the Panel Code to the same page the ring will enter on (this is not optional!).

  4. Save the changes to your site.

  5. Email me at taron@birman.net to let me know the banner has been added.

  6. You will not see your site in the ring until you have been approved.
    You will be notified by email once you are approved.

  7. If you have troubles, email me at taron@birman.net

This is what the Panel will look like on your site:

webbirman.jpg (2824 bytes)

This Birman Cat Web Ring Site is owned by Ron Thayer.
Want To Join the Birman Cat Web Ring? Click Here.
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Once again, modifications to the look of this web banner are fine! 
just as long as the code for changing sites works.
I hope to welcome you to the ring soon.

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Birman arts and crafts
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